Our Story


Lang Sun Country Groves was opened in 1951 by Mary & Joe Lang. Lang’s has been handed down through the generations. The business can be traced back to the early 1930’s when Joe Lang cleared his first land by hand with a grubbing hoe. Early on the Families plan was to grow a wide variety of citrus and with the groves located in central Florida, the trees received just the right amount of sunshine and rain. 

The family including Lynn & Carolyn Miller’s (the second generation) aim was to produce the juiciest, sweetest citrus in Florida. They chose the Navel, on a Cleo rootstock. Next, they set up a system to get the citrus they grew to the customer as fresh and fast as possible. As a result of the fantastic response to these early shipments and as the mailing list grew Lang’s became a Florida Gift Fruit Shipper. Debbie Brozio (the third generation) runs the packinghouse and over sees the packing of each gift box. Brozio says “Our unique position as a small grower and packer enables us to deliver the very freshest citrus to our customers”.

Today at Lang’s there is a gift shop that has been described as “old Florida style” filled with jams and jellies, food items, and many gifts you can’t find at Wal-Mart. The southern charm is on the walls with large hand painted murals of Florida crops. Another signature item of Lang’s is the fresh squeezed orange juice. Every day over 150 gallons of juice is blended from our finest varieties.

Some fifty plus years later, today we have a small team, all fully trained in all the many aspects of the Lang process from the growing, to packing and shipping, the juicing and even bringing it to the table in the café. Everyone here enjoys being part of a growing company and we all contribute individually to the success of the company and are passionate about growing and delivering fresh citrus to your door.